The Story of LJ Hugs in a few, humble words.

by Lewis

LJ Hugs is a new and innovative food business based in Wiltshire and Somerset.

The idea of LJ Hugs first started at the beginning of 2013 when discussing, with friends and family, the power of great tasting food with the right people. Since then the idea has continued to grow and gain momentum. The main principles of the business was to bring food and family together to create an enjoyable and fun experience for all.

We aim to do this by delivering a unique experience through our tasty food, excellent customer service and welcoming atmosphere from the moment you meet us. Whether you’re looking for great food or just a lively atmosphere for the family, LJ Hugs is the place to be. The word ‘HUGS’ represents the comforting embrace that family and food together can give to each of us. 





Monday- Friday 12–4pm
Saturday 12–5pm
Sunday 12-4:30pm

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